A Step By Step Guide To The Buying Process

No one enjoys walking in the dark so let’s briefly go through the buying process.

Firstly, it’s free! You do not pay for the services of your buyer’s agent as this is typically paid by the individual selling their property.

Needs Assessment:

Sit down with Jose-Ann and discuss your homeownership desires such as purchase timeline, motivation for buying, location, price range, property type, property features. At this stage, Jose-Ann will identify your informational needs and begin to customize resources to enhance your real estate journey.


Jose-Ann will present you with 3 mortgage brokers for you to choose who you are most comfortable working with. The broker will collect your financial information to evaluate your financial situation and determine how much you will be pre-approved for as well as the interest rates, homeownership incentives and specific mortgage products suitable for your needs.

Rights and Responsibilities:

When you decide to choose Jose-Ann as your real estate advisor, she will discuss the Consumer Relationship Guide with you as well as other applicable agreements to ensure that both party’s rights are protected and responsibilities are understood before moving forward. After mortgage pre-qualification is received, a custom search will be created for you. You will be emailed of all the homes meeting your preferences and the second a new home is listed within your criteria, you will also get notified. After filtering through those online results Jose-Ann will take you to view properties that stand out to you.

Professional Referrals:

During this entire process, you will need several other professionals (for example lawyer, movers, inspector). Jose-Ann will refer 3 of each type of professional from her strategic alliances of trusted experts for you to choose.

Writing An Offer:

Once you have found a home that brings you joy, Jose-Ann will guide you with making your offer with the applicable conditions, while taking into consideration other industry factors such as appraisers, inspectors, surveyors. It is not uncommon to have negotiations after submitting an offer and Jose-Ann will also be there to advise you during this process. Once the conditional offer is accepted, due diligence will be performed by approved professionals to ensure that your future home is free of unwanted concerns. Conditions will then be removed after financing is secured and a thorough evaluation of the property has met your expectations.

Moving Day:

Your keys will be handed over to you. Property transferred. Move your furniture to your new home.

Follow Up:

As your real estate advisor, Jose-Ann’s responsibility to you goes beyond your move-in day. Expect to hear from her on a quarterly basis with community updates, home improvement and maintenance tips, market trends that may impact your home to name a few. Your contentment with your home will also be a conversation to ensure that it continues to meet your needs and changing lifestyle.