Consumer Relationships Guide

It is mandated that real estate professionals present and discuss the Consumer Relationship Guide before initiating any agreement with you.

There are three types of legal relationships you can have with your real estate professional, each having unique responsibilities:

  1. Common law agency relationship: You have a relationship with all of the brokerage’s real estate professionals.
  2. Designated agency relationship: An individual real estate professional (or team of professionals) act as your agent.
  3. Customer of a real estate professional: You mostly represent yourself.

If you decide on a designated agency or common-law agency with your real estate professional, you will need to sign a written service agreement. Written service agreement holds your agent accountable to provide the services you need and expect. It explains:

  • Each parties legal obligations
  • The services to be provided by the agent/brokerage
  • Consent for collection, use and distribution of your personal information
  • Method of calculating how your agent will be compensated

You have the right to negotiate specific terms on the written service agreement.